Car Battery Replacement

Car batteries are not supposed to last forever and you will need replacing.
If your battery is not old enough, it might just need a recharge or even a simple cleaning and tightening. But not everyone is that lucky.

Car battery difficulties are one of the top reasons for roadside assistance calls. A non-functioning battery can pose many dangers and can be inconvenient and compromises safety. The life of a regular battery is 3-4 years when it is properly cared for and is dependent on several factors.

Why do car batteries go flat?

Often, the battery does not get enough time to recharge itself if it is not used regularly or if the car is used only for short journeys. Known as ``undercharging``, this leads to the hardening of the lead plates which affects its capacity to hold a charge.

On the other hand, climate temperature and humidity also play a significant role in battery performance. A higher temperature will lead to quick corrosion within the battery cells which decreases the life of the battery. Colder temperatures, on the other hand, restrain the battery's capacity to provide power.

How to know if your battery needs replacing?

Determining whether you need a battery replacement or maintenance doesn't involve any technical knowledge. You can carry out a simple test which involves starting your car and switching on the headlights of the car.
If your headlights are dim, put your gear in the neutral or park and press the accelerator. A failing battery is symbolised when the headlight gets brighter on doing so. If you're unable to start the car at all, that means your battery has already failed.

Call in or book online for a check-up and we will quote you the price before starting with the work and you can make an informed decision.

Acton Car Service offers you the best batteries at the most reasonable price in town. With our commitment to quality and assurance, you can be guaranteed of fair pricing and durable work. Our technicians and experts are there to advise you and make you understand the process to ensure you know what you're paying for.