Car Body Detailing

Car detailing or car valeting is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.
It involves car care that requires more than average wash and wax on a weekend.

It involves a deep clean of your car, starting from the top to the bottom, including the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Your car will be restored to the factory finish and shine that was lost in the wear and tear.
Although available at different levels, the general idea is to cover all the hard to reach areas of your car.
Acton Car Service guarantees to provide you with the highest possible standard cleaning service.

The services are dependent on the amount of money you're planning to spend.
Here's what you can expect for a car detailing the process:

Interior Detailing
● Carpets and mat cleaning - Your carpets and mat are cleaned with a car cleaning shampoo which will repair tears or burns.
● The air vents are then cleaned in detail which will remove any particles and moisture.
● The window seals are also thoroughly cleaned.
● If you have leather seats, they are applied with leather protection.

Exterior Detailing
● The wheels are cleaned using special cleaners, pressure washers, and then polished.
● The tyres are cleaned to restore the blackness of your tyres.
● The exterior body of the car is cleaned and shined.
● Contaminants are microscopic particles on the surface of the car which are cleaned using cleaning wax.
● Car is polished using a machine which removes the fine lines on the surface of the paint.
● The windows are cleaned to remove any trace of product from the previous steps.

Walk-in or book online for detailed car valeting process.