Car Gearbox Repair

What is Gearbox?

The gearbox is a device which regulates the torque of your vehicle, that in turn, leads to an increase or decrease in the speed. Since a great deal of friction is involved with its usage, the gearbox is susceptible to wear and tear and demand appropriate maintenance and services.
There are various types of problems that you can face with your gearbox and Acton Car Service is here to solve them all.

Here are some signs that let you know of a failing gearbox:

Symptom: Gears are slipping or you're unable to select the gear.
Cause: Worn out gear, low transmission fluid, shift cable problem

Symptom: Strange noise when the car is put in neutral
Cause: Low level of transmission fluid, can also be because of worn down gearbox parts.

Symptom: The ``check engine`` light is switched on
Cause: Though the light is turned on due to multiple reasons, gearbox repair can be one of the reasons, and you should get it checked immediately.

Symptom: Clutch drags
Cause: Clutch and the gearbox are interlinked and a faulty gearbox can lead to a dragging clutch. This happens mostly when the gear linkage is loose and the connection between the two becomes difficult.
Symptom: Burning Smell
Cause: When you notice a burning smell from the car, immediately turn it off and get down from the car. The burning smell can be attributed to a lot of things but it can also be due to transmission fluid overheating. Since the fluid is a cooling agent and acts as a lubricant for the moving parts of a transmission, its overheating can put your car into grave danger.

Symptom: Excessive Shaking/Grinding
Cause: Faulty gearbox or clutch.

Another very common problem with the gearbox is the leakage of transmission fluid. Since the fluid is responsible for lubrication, cleaning, and conditioning the seals, its leakage will pose many problems to the working of your automotive.
Make sure you refill your transmission fluid in case of any leakage.

You can also face problems with your gearbox linkage, which is entrusted with the responsibility to transmit power from the car engine to the wheels. The movement of the gearstick is transferred to the gearbox which then allows for gear engagement. Gear linkage makes this transmission successful.
Some of the common signs of a gearbox linkage problem are excessive movement in the gear stick, difficult in changing gears, stiff or crunching gears, etc.

Gearbox makes up an integral part of an automotive and any issue faced by it cannot be ignored. If you're worried about the functionality of your gearbox, come to Acton Car Service where our expert technicians and mechanics will have a thorough look at your car.
Don't worry, we won't start any work until you're informed about the price and the work that is needed.

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