MOT Car Service is a compulsory and important aspect of the road and environmental safety. Not only can you land a fine if you are driving the car post expiry of your MOT certificate, but can also put you and others in grave danger.

Looking for a car MOT test?
Acton Car Service provides a flexible and affordable MOT service and allows you with the flexibility to choose interim car service, major car service, or full car service. With great customer service and free collection and delivery of your vehicle, you can get your MOT certificate without any hassle.

MOT Information

Your first MOT is due when your car is 3 years old, and from then on, it is mandatory to perform the test every year.

You can bring in your car for an MOT test one month before the expiration of the MOT certificate, provided that a current MOT certificate is presented to the examiner at the time of the test.
Once you receive the new MOT certificate, it is valid from the date of expiry of your existing MOT certificate.

What's included a MOT?

To keep your car on the road and to meet the safety regulation, MOT test includes all of these:

Seat belts: It is required to have all the seat belts fully functional, in a good condition and place for security purposes.
Seats - Seats are integral for passengers or drivers comfort and safety. They should be strong and able to stay upright.
Steering: The steering should be smoothly functioning and securely attached to the steering shaft. It should also be in an acceptable condition with no extreme wear and tear.
Horn: The horn should be operational, and not too loud or too low in volume.
Lights- Your headlights, brake lights, and all other required lights should be functional and free from damage.
Exhaust and emissions - Make sure there are no leaks and emission so that it meets the requirements of a well-functioning exhaust.
Windscreen - Make sure all the aspects of the windscreen are fully functional and in good condition.
Bonnet- Should close properly and securely.
Brakes - Being a crucial part of road safety, the brakes are checked thoroughly to make sure they are working and efficient.
Tyres - Make sure the tyres are of the correct size, type with accurate pressure and air.
Suspension - Checked to ensure it is completely functional and working.
Mirrors- Every mirror in the car serves a purpose which is essential and important for road safety. They are checked to make sure they are not cracked, damaged, or distorted.
Doors - Your doors should be operational and secure to allow the vehicle to be completely protected.
Fuel system -You fuel tank and cap should be secure without any leaks.
Body- Your car's body should not be excessively damaged.
Number plate - All the numbers and letters on the number plate should be visible with the approved font.

What happens when you fail the MOT?

If your car fails the MOT test, it means that it is not fit to stay on the road. In such a case, your car will go through the repair and maintenance service in those areas which lacked during the MOT Test.

What should you get for the MOT test?

1. Alloy wheel keys or locking nuts
This is necessary to avoid any wastage of time since we need to remove the tyres for the MOT tests.

2. Empty Boot
It is recommended to keep the boot empty of any heavy luggage, spare tyres, and other items before bringing it in for the service.

3. Your service book
Bring in the service book since it contains information about the parts replaced in your car. It is essential to evaluate car health.

4. Document
Get your vehicle’s current Registration Document or the ‘V5’ document as it is commonly referred to. You also need a V5C registration form for the first MOT.

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